Your life is shaped by what you do every day not once a month or a year.

⁃ Schedule ahead at night before the upcoming day: produce a sense of control, One of the greatest sense of human kind.

you know what your day will look like, activate subconscious mind to help to achieve what you want while you sleep at night.

have you ever wakes up and found solution to your problem ? Visualize how your day is going to be.

⁃ Use hard rock schedule method: set only few of the most important tasks that you want to accomplish that has the most impact on your goal,

not 10 or 20 tasks that lead to felling stress and overwhelm you will end up doing nothing or doing the easiest task first that has the least impact on your goal.

Have you ever felt that you had been busy the whole day but feeling accomplish nothing at the end of the day ?

just set the few most important tasks. Don’t confuse. For the other tasks, if you do after the most important task are the bonus be happy.

⁃ less important tasks you can delegate to other to do it. Ask yourself Peter Dicker’s question “what is the best use of my time right now ?”

⁃ Chunk or break the big task down to small small tasks and you slice and hunt it down 1 by 1. No one can eat the whole elephant at a time.

⁃ Prepare every thing, tool…before starting so you won’t lost concentration when completing tasks.

⁃ When you doing your most important tasks isolate your self from distraction either people or devices…!

⁃ Fuel yourself with high energy foods like you feed the world class athlete before competing, Time Break during task, drink enough water to empower your brain power house. remember 80% of your brain is water.

⁃ Goal & time line: nothing inspire human than goal & sense of urgency or deadline. Set backward goal 3 years goal then break it down to 1 year goal, 6 months, 3 moths goal.

Check yourself do you have goal snd plan ? If not yet, you will accomplish less than those who do. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have yet. Most people don’t have too that why less people accomplish great thing.

Just start now put your pen and paper and start jotting down your goal your plan your dream…action you have to do everyday that move you closer to your dream everyday. A journey of thousand miles start with single step.

⁃ What need to be done so you will achieve your goal?

⁃ What are the most important skills that help me the most to achieve my goal ?

Every skill is learnable. Your life is shaped by what you do every day not once a month or a year !

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