The heart of the salesmen contain:

1- resilience: he can be fail but never be broken

He fail so often, he fail regularly & he keep going he learn from mistake but never bother with the past failure & mistake he get better, he move on, he never quit until he win . While failure broken so many men he doesn’t, while normal men give up, he keel going. He know what he want. He might be broken 1000 time, each of which he picked himself up and begin again, and again, and again and again until he succeed. Nothing and no one can defeat such that kind of person, nothing and no one could ever be. He might change the strategy buy never the goal. He never surrender, he never give up until he win. He take massive action towards his goal. He regularly lose hope, disappointed & depressed after failure, then tomorrow come he get strength to begin again. He never give up, his strong desire to win is more powerful than any obstacle, his faith is so strong that the earth will open the way the mountain will move and fall into the heart of the sea.

2- Keep on improving: he keep on improving himself everyday. His positive thinking is obsolete. Everyday and every way he is getting better and better. he learn from the best in and outside his industry. He pick the best idea and apply quickly, relentlessly. He ask questions and shut up his mouse, and he open his ears and listen and take note by doing so he keep on learning. He never stop learning from every source of life.

3- He help other: his success in life is by help other. His kindness is his highest self actualization. He believes that the secret of living is giving. He never try to sell, but he try to help. He never try to get, but he try to help.

He settles the social and other people’s issue and problem. He is the catalysts, he is the goddess.

He improve humans life those whom he in intact with. He offers value not take away. His presence makes the world the better place than when he came in.

4- Idealism: He lives in his dream world not the current circumstances. You can’t judge him by his current circumstances, economic, and wealth. His real wealth is in his heart and head. Time will prove it. He will eventually live in his dream. He a day dreamer, he believes that if he can dream it, visualize it, it eventually will happen. With his steady and unshakable belief and faith, his working hard, his missive actions, his resilience he will eventually win.

5- He conquers fear: He has fear as other men but he keep on going, he keep on doing no matter what. He never let fear to stop him from achieving his dream. He never regret as he do what he has to do no-mater what. But he regret what he did not try. He believes that if he try he might have hope, if he don’t there is nothing going to happen.

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