J. Paul Getty highly value such qualities as a great executive as below:

1- Interest & passion in his career or industry

2- Getting thing done via other people

3- Praise people in public reprimand in private

4- Not follow order blindly from boss. suggest the right way, method or solution.

5- Avoid order but ask questions delegate & supervise.

6- Instruct & communicate quickly and precisely.

7- Honesty

8- Have a millionaire mentality: pay attention to detail activities. care about the business as their own. constantly find way to improve product quality, cut the cost and increase sell.

9- Not to depend everything to the staffs. look after your business closely. remember if they can handle everything without your attention, they won’t be called the staff they will own their own business.

10- Never ask people to do what yourself don’t want or not willing to do.

11- Be a role model to others. show example. walk your talk. People lean quickly when hearing what you say and seeing what you do.

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