1- Break the learning session into small small session and break time. 30mm learning -5mm rest. get away from that. a long walk might be great. Brain can’t absorb information effectively without breaking.

2- Drink a lot of water. 80% of brain is water. water like the gasoline to the car.

3- Teach what you learned or explained it in an easy term to understand to others.

4- Sleep Enough can improve memory & learn faster.

5- Study sleep study is more effective than study -study and sleep.

6- Shift several subjects to refresh the mind.

Session 1 a subject, session 2 b subject, session 3 c subject

Is better than session 1-2-3 are all a subject

7- The best way to learn any thing is practicing.

8- Memorize something by grouping, visualize painting pictures of word that sound similar, cue, acronym.

9- Nutrition foods. Omega 3, vitamin D, B…

10- Exercise can improve memory. Better mood.

11- 80:20 rule. 20% of information produces result 80% of what you want to achieve. 20% in the Book provides 80% of all contents & interest.

12- Test try & learn

13- In crease speed of absorbing knowledge. Free from distraction, go to great environment that stimulate learning, use audio book, take note with pen and paper, learn speed reading, review before reading, ask question before reading, know the purpose of reading.

14- Reward

15- Audio book while driving or non driving

16- Paper book better than electronic

17- set a schedule put the deadline and tracking progress.

18- Enjoy & have fun, Meditation, stressfulness hard to absorb knowledge.

Most of the points had been experimented & tested by some universities, organizations & scientists…!

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