Share the benefit to your associates

No one willing to work for you for nothing. You have to tie your company’s profit to the benefit that your associates will gain. That could be in the form of bonus, stock, share of profit. I dot care whatever it is. You must do it. The more successful the company is the more profit they gain. Win win relationship.

Wall mart goes ahead all competition by sharing stock to all employees, associates. The only one, and the only winer.

Now it’s your turn. Think about it. Seriously think about it.

Bonus to you. Besides, the benefit sharing appreciation for every accomplishments your associates. The best thing thing that every human being silently crave for is somebody else appreciate what they did.

In your company there might be in a form of recognition, award, medal, pin.. be creative..

Think about it. Seriously think about it.

And the most important of all is trying it, no perfection in the fist place. Try it adjust it and try again until you succeed. Don’t treat failure so seriously be fun with it learn about it and move on fast.


“Those who never fail are the one who never try something new.

Innovation is about the experiment. If all experiment is right that not call experiment.

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