The greatest mistake of salesmanship is not to follow up their prospect after the word NO

Because of FEAR of rejection

I just call and he just said i not yet wanted so I shouldn’t contact pretty soon.

If i call they won’t buy anyways.

If i call they might scream at me.

If i ask him he will say no so i feel being reject.

Tell you what ?

Even the prospect say no doesn’t mean No. may be in their situation is not appropriate. Yet few days letter the situation might change. They might wang your products or services.

And you might ask if they change they might contact me back ! I might say “No Never” even if they feel they want the your products and services yet they are in PASSIVE MODE, they don’t want to be active mode that a human nature. People want to be lead people are lazy to initiate, only leader who initiate. How many people become leader ? FEW right ?

Another reason is people are procrastinate.

Another reason is people are get distracted by their daily activities.

Last reason is people feel ashamed to initiate as they used to reject you they feel lost value or face they want to feel that you are the initiator not them.

I don’t blame you at all as being rejected is fell uncomfortable at all you might most self esteem, self respect, face…that the human nature all people feel the same:

Tell you what that the opportunity disguised that why most people unscceed only few win.

You have to break through emotional barrier. That make you poor. That make millions propel fail again and again.

I saw a ealstate agent fail to follow up me even after his first follow up i feel interested, i saw an old school broker who never give up to follow up even i don’t take hi phone call as i was busy he never lose enthusiasm, he care nothing about my word no he keep on calling me when he found a great property…even i said no deep down inside i feel thanks him for offer the good information to me, i appreciate him, i like him subconsciously even i say NO…

Take the courage & your gut to breakthrough your fear and FOLLOW UP your clients and prospect. If you believe in your products and services never afraid to promote it to your clients.

Never Take NO as personal & never lose your enthusiasm NO MATER WHAT !

Most people fail because they fail to follow up after the word NO!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without lossof enthusiasm.

– Winston Churchill

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