A decision to separate or differentiate your business to your competitors then find the way and align all yours resources to fulfill that purpose.

Define which value proposition you offer differently from your competitors & which value proposition you offer to a group of targeted customer & specific need within that group. A full will try to fulfill & please all need within that group.

Strategy can be a business or division strategy or corporate (multifunctional business) strategy.

Corporate shall be align with & take advantage of it’s own core competencies and resources. Wal Desny…

2 critical strategies could be either LOW cost or differentiation. That couldn’t not be both unless your your competitors have lousy operation system.

Do better than competitors is a best practice not a strategy. Do differently from your competitors do. However, Both are needed to be successful strategy. Differentiate without best practice and best practice without differentiation both are in-completed.

Choosing the good industry to be in also as important as choosing business strategy. If the industry is in declining trend that would be useless to position yourself and differentiate yourself that lead to failure at the end.

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