Sara Blackly’s success story didn’t come overnight. her story reminds us that:

Every great achievement was starting from a very humble beginning. if she can do it so can we.”

Sara Blackly’s, a safe made billionaire and a philanthropist , blueprint for success

  • Start small think big growth fast
  • Hire slow fire fast
  • Hire around culture first talent second
  • Focus on your strength hire your weakness
  • Take calculated risk
  • Take action & just do it you will learn along the way. don’t wait for the perfect moment. she never joins a business class. Her disadvantage becomes an advantage so she can do things differently.
  • Secret to success: Focus on the product’s benefit, Settle the problem, differentiate from competitors.
  • Main focus area: invention, sell, building awareness.
  • Being authentic on communication rather than an expert when selling & marketing.
  • Leverage PR, media
  • Being obsessed with the products to settle the problem over delivery and differentiate from others.
  • Giving back
  • Building culture around the higher purpose of the company.
  • Management: Have a clear goal, Have a higher purpose, Truth, Empower, Fairly pay, build a culture(failure is natural, funny,…)
  • Skill: Sale, comedies, debate, invention.
  • Motivation: gratitude being at the right time on behalf of other women who have less opportunity than her.
  • Marketing: Product, Price, Distribution, position
  • Pricing strategy: Charge 5 times cost
  • Business idea build around 3 circles namely 1. Passion 2. Strenth 3. What the market needs.
  • Immune to failure: celebrate failure as a culture
  • 4 types of clients: manager(get the result), thinker (ask for detail) *update latte

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” ― Napoleon Hill

If I Can Do it, So Can you.” – Sara Blakely

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