Effective executives are result oriented people. When people buy a drill they buy a hole not a drill itself.

Some sorts of questions need to be asked:

1- What result does the organization expect and want from me ?

2- What capacity do i need to possess to perform and deliver that result.

3- What skill do i have to possess to perform that capacity.

In organization level the question should be:

1- What does the client expect from our company. It’s far beyond just a products. Some might say a higher purpose.

Wall Mart’s vision is to enhance american daily living by providing the goods with the lowest price.

Effective executive know her own strengths and polish it rather than focus on eliminating the weakness.

1- What am i good at

2- How do i perform (how did you perform that lead you to succeed)

3- What is my value

Effective executive handle with time waisting systemically.

1-Time record then analyze:

2-Spend time with most important task of cause which you are good at.


4- Stop doing unimportant task

Time waister in corporate

1- Fail to deal with reoccurs crisis

2- Un necessary meeting

3- Over labour force

Effective executive respect time as a scare and unrenewable resource.

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