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By John Assaraf

  • Top 3 goals (finance & non financial goal) you want to achieve ? Deadline ?
  • why you must achieve it ?
  • Strategy to achieve ? Deadline ? When to review the process?
  • Tactic to achieve each strategy? Dead line ? Who response? When to review the process ?
  • Obstacle that hinder you to accomplish strategy & tactic above ?
  • How do you overcome that obstacle?

Project planning templates Excel available for download


  • Lost 5kg weight within 3 moths


  • Exercise
  • Diet plan
  • Learning about nutrition


  • Running 3km/day 3 days per week (mon-wed-fri) at 6am
  • Self cooking or hire chef
  • Appointment with nutrition expert on saterday first week


  • Time too tight
  • Laziness
  • Tired
  • No motivation

How to overcome obstacle

  • Reschedule of daily routine
  • Join club or team
  • Eat banana before work out & enough warer
  • Hire personal trainer


You are the commander of the ship of your life. Embrace it, seize it & conquer it. You can do it

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